20 Hidden Gems for Android You Should Try (Volume 17)

Hello friends! After the latest data, Android has more than twice as many apps in its catalog as iPhone. Or, which is the same, 3,500,000 apps on Google Play versus 1,600,000 apps currently available on the Apple App Store.

So if you have an Android phone then you are in luck as the chances of finding little hidden gems for your device are much higher. Below we’ve rounded up 20 notable but little-known apps, all with a million downloads or fewer under their belt, but all rated above four stars. Let us begin!

Einkbro: Fast and lightweight browser specially designed for readers and electronic ink devices. You can turn pages and navigate by pressing the buttons on the tablet instead of sliding, or save pages in epub/pdf format, among other interesting details. | Download on Google Play

RakutenTV: Streaming platform similar to Pluto TV, with dozens of live TV channels and on-demand content. All this for free and without registration. | Download on Google Play

dreamy: A creative artificial intelligence that helps you create new stories. Create a fictional character and then the AI ​​will allow you to chat with the character as if it had a mind of its own. A very interesting application for writers. Of course, it’s only available in English for now. | Download on Google Play

Padmaster: Music & Beat Maker: A beat maker that lets you make your own music. You can use it to create loops of up to 45 seconds, with different types of layers, custom pads, FX filters, and more. | Download on Google Play

mood tracker: A journal to write down your moods and keep track of them. Aimed at people with anxiety, stress, etc. to improve self-esteem and mental health. | Download on Google Play

Bazaar: A photo editor that allows you to create your own avatars using AI, remove the background from images, adjust exposure, contrast, etc., the ability to create stickers, different fonts, filters and much more. | Download on Google Play

supersense: An assistive app that helps blind and partially sighted users to read, explore, calculate distances and find destinations independently. At its core, the app serves to describe what it sees through the camera and offers “a pair of digital eyes” to people with visual impairments. | Download on Google Play

fast mail: A privacy-focused ($3/month) premium email client with no ads or trackers, including calendar, rule building, masked emails, dark mode, and customizable themes. | Download on Google Play

Multi Timer Stopwatch: A tool that allows you to create multiple timers at the same time for different tasks. With this app you can have different countdown alarms to exercise, cook, work or whatever you need in your daily life. | Download on Google Play

Artists: Art and Culture: Advertisement with more than 250,000 artworks by 3,000 artists in museums, universities and city halls. It includes world-famous artists such as Da Vinci, Van Gogh or Picasso. It allows you to download the images and also has a widget to place artworks on your phone’s home screen. | Download on Google Play

Nightwave Square: A streaming music app that focuses on the vaporwave genre, with relaxing songs and a retro aesthetic. | Download on Google Play

Video Compressor: A tool to compress and convert videos that reduces their weight while maintaining good image quality. It offers multiple options for format, quality, bitrate, resolution, and codecs. | Download on Google Play

Library: A reading tracker where you can write down the books you read, add comments or use a timer to know how much time you spend reading your favorite works. It has quite an interesting set of features that you can get a lot of juice out of if you are an avid reader of books and e-books. | Download on Google Play

Pict Picks: One of the best picture browsers for Android. Allows you to filter by size, color, image type, date or search for the selected image from the phone. Highly recommended for searching and downloading 4K wallpapers, but also for searching similar images online. | Download on Google Play

WWF Panda Quest: A search engine that uses the money from inquiries to finance WWF projects and campaigns to protect the environment. | Download on Google Play

takes care of the translation: One of the strangest applications in the Play Store. It is a medical translator for medical staff and patients, acting as a specialized interpreter of phrases and words of a medical nature. Very useful when you are abroad and have an accident. | Download on Google Play

Secret Calculator: Although it looks like a simple calculator, it’s actually a privacy app that lets you hide photos and videos that you have stored on your phone. Usually it is used to prevent other people from seeing your more “sensitive” content when using your device. | Download on Google Play

Sim serial number (ICCID): Application that shows you the ICCID code or the serial number of your SIM card. This code is usually noted on the back of the SIM card, but sometimes it can no longer be read due to usage. It can also be handy to get the SIM serial number without having to remove it from the phone. | Download on Google Play

AI Image Enlarger: A tool for enhancing photos. Allows you to enlarge an image up to 800% and fix pixelated or blurry photos. The app has a limit of conversions that we can do for free (from there we have to subscribe or see ads). | Download on Google Play

network analyzer: Network analysis tool that allows you to view WiFi traffic by channels, signal strength or devices connected to your network. It also supports ping, traceroute, port scanner, DNS and whois lookup. | Download on Google Play

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