25 free apps that you shouldn’t lose sight of (Volume 21)

Android is a huge world of lights and shadows. There is much Shovel goodsBut there are tons of useful apps out there that make people’s lives a little easier. These are the apps we like.

In today’s compilation, we’re going to review some of the winning apps from the Google Play Awards 2021 that were distributed a little over a month ago. All apps and games mentioned below have more than a million downloads, a score of more than 4 stars and have already received several awards this year. Don’t lose sight of them!

Note: Some of these apps are available for free, but only in “demo” format, as you need to purchase the application to access all of its features. after the trial period has expired.


To speak (“Best apps for Good” award): A text-to-speech (TTS) tool that allows us to read what appears on the screen. It enables you to create audiobooks from a PDF, scan your own texts and supports more than 50 languages ​​(including Spanish and English). | Download on Google Play

blossom (Award “Best Essentials for Day to Day”): A simple application to identify every plant we come across on the way, simply by taking a picture of it. It has a database of more than 10,000 plants, flowers and trees. | Download on Google Play

Photo room (“Best Essentials for Everyday” Award): Photo editor that allows you to turn your photos into professional images in seconds. Allows you to erase backgrounds, correct lighting and use different templates. | Download on Google Play

Rabbits (Award “Best Essentials for Day to Day”): An application that helps you complete your habits and stay consistent. Each habit you start is a seed that you plant for future rewards. | Download on Google Play

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Clubhouse (“Best for Fun” Award): This is a kind of virtual discussion room or chat room. You can come in and just listen, or you can raise your hand and join in. All sorts of topics are covered, from diving, fashion, cryptocurrencies, movie clubs and whatever you can think of. | Download on Google Play

canvas (“Best for Tablets” Award): One of the most popular art and design apps for mobile devices. Especially when you have a large screen like a tablet. It allows you to create all kinds of designs from logos to thumbnails for YouTube, birthday invitations and much more. | Download on Google Play

Houzz (Award “Best for Tablets”): An interesting application for everyone who wants to renovate or redecorate their home. On the one hand, you can hire local professionals (architects, interior designers, bathroom or kitchen renovations, etc.), but also advice and articles on decoration, products, etc. | Download on Google Play

MyFitnessPal (“Best to Carry” award): Fitness app with recipes, workouts and calorie counter. It has a database of nutritional information for more than 14 million foods. Compatible with smartwatches with Wear OS, Fitbit. | Download on Google Play

Sleep cycle (Award “Best to Wear”): Another of the best apps for Android smartwatches in 2021. This application analyzes the sounds we make when we sleep in order to track our sleep without having to put the device on the bed. | Download on Google Play

Moses (Award “Best Apps of the Year 2021”): Also known as “The Musician’s App”, it is a tool with which you can separate the music titles from a song. Isolate or extract vocals and instruments from any song. | Download on Google Play

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Rock identification (Award “Best Apps of the Year 2021”): Application for the identification of stones and minerals. Just take a photo or upload it to have the app tell you about it. | Download on Google Play

Things to do (Award “Best Apps 2021”): Are you one of those people who forget things and need someone to remind them? As the name suggests, this is a task tracker with a simple and intuitive design. One of the best in its category. | Download on Google Play

Video jump (Award “Best Apps of the Year 2021”): Video editor with countless effects, assembly tools, slow-motion effects and more. It has some free features and some paid features. | Download on Google Play

Voilá AI Artist Editor (Best Apps of 2021 Award): Photo application that combines human creativity and artificial intelligence to turn your photos into Pixar-like cartoons, old paintings, K-pop artists, and more. Some of the filters are really successful. | Download on Google Play

Wix owner (Best Apps of 2021 Award): A website builder that allows you to build your page from scratch and customize it to your liking. Set up your blog or online store for free, offer services, events, and more, all from the creator of Wix. | Download on Google Play

Other uses: You can see the rest of the award-winning applications for the Play Awards2021 at this google blog post.


Pokémon UNITED (Best Game Award): A 5v5 team fighting game, so the classic MOBA of your life, but with Pokémon characters. Without a doubt one of the most outstanding games of 2021. | Download on Google Play

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Garena Free Fire MAX (“User’s Choice 2021” Award): A battle royale genre title with some really polished graphics. 50-player, 10-minute games with only one survivor. | Download on Google Play

MARVEL future revolution (“Best Competitive Games” Award): An open world action RPG with characters from the Marvel comics. Powered by the Unreal Engine and console quality cutscenes. | Download on Google Play

Tears from Themis (“Best Innovative Games” Award): Combine romance novels with crime scene investigations and evidence-gathering games. Genre game otome Developed by MiHoyo, the makers of Genshin Impact. | Download on Google Play

My friend Pedro: ripe for revenge (“Best Indies” Award): action game developed by Devolver Digital (creators of other gems such as GRIS and Hotline Miami). Help your friend Pedro serve his revenge on a very cold plate garnished with balls and bananas. | Download on Google Play

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! (Best of Simple Dynamics Award): A classic Crash Bandicoot platform game, but adapted for mobile devices. Good graphics and gameplay. | Download on Google Play

Disney POP CITY (“Best Pick Up & Play” Award): A puzzle game like “Connect 3”, but with Disney and Pixar characters. | Download on Google Play

Suspects: Mysterious Mansion (Award “Best Competitive Games”): Online game for 10 players in which we have to solve a mysterious murder in the mansion. | Download on Google Play

More games: The rest of the award-winning games can be seen at the Play Awards 2021 on the next page of Google Play.

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