BeatBot is an AI that generates music and lyrics based on your instructions

Good times we must live. If artificial intelligence is making the hair of writers, journalists, artists and cartoonists stand on end for fear of their jobs being taken away, it’s now musicians who are seeing how a generative algorithm could render them obsolete.

Of course, this won’t happen overnight, but perhaps in a few years, much of the music we hear on Spotify or on the radio wasn’t created or performed by a human.

It’s not the first time we’ve talked about artificial intelligence composing music, but about what beatbot is on another level as he not only composes music but also creates lyrics and interprets them with his own “voice”.

Wasn’t music something human? Short 10 second songs with music and lyrics created by a bot

BeatBot is one of many utilities that take advantage of the generative abilities of the GPT-3 algorithms. In this case, we enter a descriptive text of what we want the song to be about and a music style, and BeatBot creates it in a few seconds a short song of about 10 seconds according to our instructions.

Then we can download the song in video format (MP4) or copy the lyrics if we think there is some artistic magic in this little piece of music. Or continue testing with new compositions if we are not satisfied with the result. After all, BeatBox is still a free application with no usage restrictions, at least for now (although it’s in beta).

This must be made clear when evaluating BeatBox’s musical compositions all have hip hop tastesand although we have a base of pop, rock, synth or whatever we can think of, the voices always end up with that rap cadence.

Among these 10-second original songs we find an artificial intelligence developed by the Splash company. He is responsible for the composition of both the vocal part and the music. And then we have the GPT-3 engine to write the lyrics to complete the creative process.

It’s clear that these songs have some kind of “trap” in that with a vocal part rapping the verses, there’s no way the singer’s melody could go off-tune or fall out of the harmonic scheme of the instrumental part.

Either way, the result is coherent, and if we like this type of music, we might even see a certain grace in the way it interprets our creative guidelines. If you want to try this weird AI song generator, all you have to do is enter BeatBot’s website and carry out the tests you deem appropriate. Starting today, it’s free to use and requires no registration..

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