Free PC Software: The Definitive List (Volume 2)

We live in the age of smartphones and mobile apps. But not everything can – and should – not be done from the phone screen. Some tasks require the use of a PC, and at such moments our brain sends us a clear message, “But wasn’t there a program for Windows that was the same and also free?” Probably, dear friend, probably.

Here we collect some of the best free programs for Windows and other desktop systems, with utilities that allow us, among other things, to permanently destroy a file, block access to folders on the hard drive, professionally edit videos and even “skins” “add” to give the appearance of our computer a personal touch.

15 free pc programs you should try

Defraggler: If you’re looking for a program to defrag your PC’s hard drive that’s super easy to use, take a look at Defraggler. It supports NTFS and FAT32 systems, and be careful as it is compatible with SSD drives too. | Download from the official website

Eraser: “Eraser” is the complete opposite of a file recovery tool. If you want to permanently and permanently delete a file that is in no way recoverable, then you have to use this application. | Download from the official website

Adobe Photoshop Express: Completely free version of the popular Adobe photo editor. It has many basic functions of cropping, resizing, rotating, color correcting with filters, etc. A good utility for personal use to enhance our photos. | Download from the Microsoft Store

Caliber: Open source software to organize your e-books. If you read e-books regularly, you probably already know Caliber. It allows converting books to different formats, syncing between devices, and more. It’s also compatible with non-Amazon branded readers like Kobo devices. | Download from the official website

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Rain gauge: Wonderful open source tool with which we can create “skins” for our PC. This customization software allows us to change the appearance of Windows, change icons, add “widgets” that show us personalized information about the PC, miniature applications, and so on. | Download from the official website

FxSound: Software that aims to improve the sound of your PC by increasing the volume and bass as well as improving the audio quality. There are two versions, a free one and a paid one with quite interesting additional functions. | Download from the official website

Free folder protection: As the name suggests, this is a free utility that allows us to block access to folders and files on our PC by protecting them with a password. | Download from the official website

ShareX: Free tool for taking screenshots but with many advanced options. It allows you to automatically capture only part of the screen, capture the active window, or even capture text in OCR. After taking the recordings, we will find that it also has a small image editor and the ability to share files. | Download from the official website

DaVinci Resolve 17: A very powerful video editor with a variety of tools for professionals, especially interesting for video post production. There’s also a pro version called Resolve Studio that costs $ 300, although a lot of people use the free version because it’s very complete. | Download from the official website

GnuCash: Financial accounting software for individuals and small businesses. It works with the free GNU GPL license and is available for Windows, Linux and macOS among others. | Download from the official website

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SPAMfighter: This program is an ideal complement for blocking spam mail in Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Live Mail or Thunderbird. The good news is that it’s 100% free for personal use too. | Download from the official website

Flow: Do you remember the mobile apps that switch to blue light in the dark so the screen doesn’t damage our eyes? This is a similar utility, but for Windows. F.lux adjusts the colors of the screen at dusk and warmer at night. We can tell the application what kind of light we have and how the room is lit so that the PC screen adjusts accordingly. | Download from the official website

Prem: Application that allows us to quickly switch between Windows windows as well as assign mouse shortcuts to, among other things, close or minimize a window with a single click. Basically a tool to speed up surfing in Windows. | Download from the official website

Dropbox: This tool was one of the first to be noticed during the “boom” of cloud apps. To this day, it still offers a free 2GB cloud storage service to keep our personal files safe. | Download from the official website

Storage sensor: A utility that comes pre-installed in Windows 10 and Windows 100 that allows us to automatically delete any excess files that accumulate on the PC’s hard drive, such as temporary files, duplicates in the cloud, etc. | Storage sensor in Windows

If you want more, you can consult the first part of this compilation of free software for the PC at THIS POST.

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