How to make a custom QR code (with your face)

We are using more and more QR codes. We could say that they have already become a daily tool of our everyday life. Most cell phones already have a QR scanner built into the camera itself, which helps us, for example, to share access to a WiFi network without having to write down the password and many other useful functions.

Recently, QR codes have also been used to validate the Covid Pass, although many bars and establishments still require you to enter the PDF of the original certificate. What we will explain in this post is an easy way to create our own personalized QR (where we can place the Covid Pass as PDF, our company website, our YouTube channel, a Spotify playlist or whatever we want) .

That means we will generate a QR code that contains the information we want, but also a little drawing in the middle with our own face. Maximum customization!

How to generate a personalized QR code with your face

To create this special “tuned” QR code, we use a free web application called QR TOON. It’s an online tool that is free and doesn’t require registration either. QR codes, although different from the others, are fully functional. So let’s take a closer look at how it works.

  • Enter the website of QR-TOON.
  • Click the Test Web App (Beta) button.
  • In the countryside “Enter link“Enter the link of the URL that the QR code should resolve. As I said, it can be a link to your YouTube channel, website, or a document you’ve uploaded to Google Drive (such as your Covid Pass). Here the limit is set by you and depends entirely on what this QR code should contain.
  • If you prefer, you can upload or scan an existing QR code to use as a template instead of the URL in the “Enter a link” field.
  • When you have finished everything, click on the yellow button “Next“.
  • In the next step, click on “Select photo“And choose a photo you’ve saved where you can see your face in the foreground. It is recommended to use a selfie photo.
  • Finally, wait a few seconds for QR TOON to generate the custom QR code. When you’re done, click “Download”To download the QR code.

This QR is in PNG image format so that we can save it to the phone storage or upload it to Google Photos, Google Drive or other cloud storage and access it from any device if necessary. For convenience, it works like any other standard QR code.

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In the example that you see in the screenshots in this post, you can check that the QR code is working. In my case, I used it to get the user to my YouTube music channel while scanning the code.

As you can see, it is a very simple tool for creating custom QRs that is completely different from what we will normally see and that gives it a different touch, ideal for working on branding your business or personal project. In short, a very interesting utility.

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