How to take a screenshot in Windows 11

On previous occasions we’ve seen how to take a screenshot with scrolling in the browser, but what happens if we just want to Take a screenshot on Windows 11?

The good thing about Windows 11 is that it includes a native tool that allows us to take screenshots and the truth is that not many people know about it. Surely, once we see how it works, it will seem a little more interesting to you.

How to take a screenshot in Windows 11 with the Snipping Tool

This native Windows 11 app is called “snipping tool“, and although it is very simple, it allows you to take pictures in a very versatile way. By the way, it is also available in Windows 10.

To open the application, just type “Snipping Tool” into the Windows search engine and select the best match.

Once the application is open, click “New” and the crop tool will allow you to select What part of the screen do you want to capture?. Drag the mouse to select the desired area. Note: You can also start a snip by pressing Windows logo key + Shift + S.

The tool will automatically create the shot and we can edit it by adding notes or underlining on the image. Finally, we can discard or save the screenshot in PNG, JPG or GIF format.

This native Windows 11 utility also offers other interesting options, such as the possibility to choose the type of cropping between “rectangle mode”, “windowed mode”, “full screen” or “free-form mode”.

In addition, we can also activate a timer so that Windows takes the screenshot with a delay of up to 10 seconds. As we said, a simple application but with everything you need to take some good screenshots in Windows without having to install an additional application.

Alternative: Use the keyboard to take a screenshot

The Windows Snipping Tool is such a handy utility and I really don’t understand why it hasn’t been available since at least Windows XP. In any case, if you have any problems with this application, remember that you can always take screenshots of the keyboard.

You just have toPRINT SCREEN” (print screen) to have Windows take a full-screen capture and save it to the clipboard. Then open Paint or a new Word document and paste the contents of the clipboard.

While this method isn’t as versatile as the one just mentioned, it at least helps us get by perfectly.

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