How to Watch TV with IPTV Lists (.M3U) on Android

iptv android m3u

If you don’t have a TV nearby and want to see which of your favorite channels is broadcast live, you can always take advantage of this Watch TV from your phone or tablet. If you have an Android device, you can configure an internet broadcast or IPTV service so that you can watch TV live and direct without major complications.

To make all of this a reality all we need is a data connection or WiFi: no DTT connection is required as is the case with televisions. Of course, in order to reproduce the content we need two things: An app that can play IPTV lists Y. an M3U file That includes the internet broadcast of all the channels we want to watch on Android.

Step 1: install an IPTV player

This is the easiest step. If you already have it installed on your Android a player like VLC or KODI You don’t need to install anything else. You can see how to configure IPTV lists in these two players by using these two tutorials that we posted on the blog some time ago:

Unless you are using VLC or KODI, your best bet is to install an IPTV player specially designed for this type of task. For this example we will use GSE Smart IPTVas it is very complete, easy to configure and also has Chromecast compatibility.

You can find other recommended IPTV players at THIS POST.

Step 2: Download the IPTV list (.M3U)

Now that we’ve installed the player, all we need to do is download the configuration file that contains the IP addresses of the TV channels that we want to watch on the device.


If you live in Spain and only want to watch the DTT channels broadcast by the open channels, you can use the IPTV lists of the TDTC channels. We can access that for that the github page of the project developed by Marc Vila and see all the available content or download it directly the full list of Spanish DTT channels open to this other SHORTCUT. It is a M3U8 format file.

Other countries

A really cool project on GitHub called IPTV-ORG has been going on for a while. This is a project that you want to collect All open IPTV broadcasts which are broadcast over the Internet.

In addition to many other Latin American countries, this also includes televisions from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Channels from the US and other regions like Asia, Europe, etc. are also available. You can view and download the full list from the main page of IPTV-ORG. At the bottom of the post, you can also find a list of the M3U links classified by genre that you can download straight to your Android.

Step 3: Configure the IPTV list on the player

Finally, let’s add the IPTV list that we just downloaded to the player. As we say at the beginning, we will use GSE Smart IPTVIf you prefer, you can use any other player that we recommended in a few paragraphs above.

  • Open the GSE Smart IPTV app on your Android.
  • The first time you run the application, you will need to give it the requested storage permissions to play local files.
  • Then click the hamburger icon to open the menu on the left and select “Local playlists”.

m3u android

  • Click on the icon “+Located in the lower right area of ​​the screen.
  • Choose “Add M3U file”.

  • Choose a name for the list of channels we want to configure. Note: Since we only configure the Spanish free channels in our case, we call this “DTT Spain”.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon to add the channel list. A file explorer will open: Find the M3U file you downloaded earlier (usually in the Downloads folder).

  • Choose “Add”To finish the setting.

From that moment on we will see that a new local playlist has been added. Click on it to access all of the available channel groups and select a TV channel to play online and live. So easy!

The application has a lot of really useful tools. So we can add EPG files with the programming manual, record live broadcasts for later viewing, or even send content to a Chromecast or compatible device.

Thematic IPTV lists by gender

Finally, we have compiled more than 25 IPTV lists organized by topic. All are available in M3U format and can be downloaded simply by saving the link.

All these lists are available from IPTV-ORG. If you’d rather download lists from TV channels by language (Spanish, French, German, English etc) take a look at THIS OTHER POST.

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