Microsoft is modernizing the volume controls for Windows 11

Windows volume control has always been a functional tool without too many gimmicks. Now Microsoft wants to modernize it a bit by adding an extra option Regulate application volume separately.

As stated by Bleeding computerthis new version of the volume driver has already started rolling out in the Windows 11 Insider Program, more precisely for those users who have done so updated to version “Preview Build 25309”.

A simple but versatile and handy volume control

Those testers who are already updated to this preview version of Windows 11 just need to click the volume icon in the taskbar to open the quick settings window. The new volume control can also be accessed using the WIN+CTRL+V key combination, if we see that this is more convenient for us.

Image: Computer beeping

The new interface not only shows a list for independent volume control for each of the programsbut also offers Settings for surround sound (Dolby, DTS) and the ability to quickly switch output devices.

This new preview version of Windows 11 has also been updated with an improved version of “Voice Access”, a new feature that is still in testing and enables interact with the computer using voice commands.

Unfortunately, voice access is currently only available in English. For more information on Windows 11 Voice Access, see this Microsoft page.

Remember that if you want to be part of the Windows Insider program to try and test all the new features of Windows 11 before everyone else, you can join the program by opening the Windows settings menu and going to “Windows Go to Update -> Windows Insider Program and click the Start button.

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