Netflix allows profile transfer…prepare to pay

The truth is it’s been a very busy week for Netflix. Earlier in the week we learned that the new subscription plan with ads would be available starting next month, and Netflix sent out an email to all of its customers yesterday to announce this Profile transfer is already possible on the platform.

Both the new “cheap” subscription and the ability to export the profile to another account aim for the same thing, which is to increase the collection of the company, which hasn’t exactly been going through its best days for a few months.

What is the purpose of profile transfer?

Profile transfer is a tool that makes it possible Migrate a profile from one Netflix account to another account. This makes it easy to transfer recommendations, history, my list, settings, saved games, among other things, from one account to another.

The payment information is of course never transferred to the new account. also not transferrable Child profiles or profiles protected with a code.

The feature is now available in Netflix settings.

Prepare the ground to eliminate free shared accounts

It’s an open secret that Netflix has long wanted to prevent people from sharing their accounts “face to face” with other people. Millions of dollars are not being charged for a service that many use for free thanks to a brother, cousin or friend who has a premium account (so Netflix believes).

However, the streaming company doesn’t just want to turn off the tap. What they want is for them to reconsider and switch to a paid account, even if it’s the new decaf plan inexpensive with ads for €5.49.

This is where the profile transfer feature comes in, allowing all of these “new” customers to migrate all of their data and history to their brand new paid account.

In 2023, Netflix will charge you for “adding a home.”

We must remember that Netflix has also started charging an additional amount for playing its content in different households in some countries. This is a practice that hasn’t spread globally yet, but Netflix has already confirmed it it will be generally applied from 2023.

When the Manage Homes feature goes live, users will have to decide if they want to pay that extra money for each home their account is used for. If they don’t, Netflix will be locked out of that house and its occupants will have to decide whether to forget Netflix forever or transfer their profile to a new paid account.

Image: Netflix

At the stock market level, it’s acknowledged that Netflix has regained some of the value of its stock over the past few months, but it’s still a long way from the great numbers it had a year ago.

Still, it doesn’t fare badly at the subscription level. They expected to add 1 million new users in the last quarter and have seen growth of 2.4 million. Now they are going one step further and trying to monetize joint accounts. In the countries where it is already applied, Netflix loads approx. 3 euros for each additional user or “household”.

It will be necessary to see the impact of this process of monetizing shared accounts, but it’s clear that if Netflix wants to regain some of its former prestige, it would first have to focus less on quantity and more on content quality .

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