So you can see the “Dislikes” (I don’t like) on YouTube again

Last November YouTube announced on his blog that I would remove the Dislikes counter, or whatever, the “dislike” indicator of every video. The reason cited by the platform is with the intent to take care of content creators and protect them from the massive bombardment of negatives and hate campaigns that are becoming more common on YouTube.

This does not mean that the YouTube algorithm no longer takes negative reactions into account when ranking videos. Although users can no longer see how many thumbs down each video is accumulating, creators can still view this data privately. And yes, YouTube will continue to consider negative voices in order to decide whether to recommend a video to other users of the platform.

Here’s how to see the “Dislike” counter on YouTube videos again

Until today the counter don’t like It’s already completely gone from YouTube. The “Dislike” button is still there, but we can’t remember how many people expressed their dislike for a particular video. Fortunately, you can still feel it how many negatives a video “roughly” accumulates.

This is done using a registry or database that collects all of the “likes” and “dislikes” shown by the videos before YouTube hid this information.

This is exactly what “Return YouTube Dislike” does, an extension that is available for Firefox and Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome, Edge, Opera or Brave. This extension takes into account the registration of Likes Yes don’t like of more than 200 million YouTube videos and then combine them with the don’t like distributed by the users of the extension themselves.

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This will give you an approximate count of the number of “dislikes” a video has accumulated.

  • Enter the official website of “Return YouTube Dislike“And install the appropriate extension for your web browser.
  • First, make sure the extension is enabled (you will see the icon turn red instead of gray, as shown in the image below).
  • Close any open YouTube tabs and reload the video.
  • You will see how the number of “Dislikes” for each video is automatically displayed again.

The app certainly works best with videos posted before YouTube decided to hide the countdown timer. don’t likeas there is a database that can be consulted to get the data. With the new videos released from November and December 2021, the application is making an approximation, so the counter is not as accurate. Although it at least helps us to get a rough idea.

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