The 10 Best Apps to Improve Your Spelling

It may seem simple at first, but correcting “quirks” and spelling mistakes is no easy task at all. There are many difficulties you may face while trying to improve your spelling. If you normally write in English, you can use a word processor like Hemingway to help you write better. However, if you do speak Spanish it is best to go for other types of tools.

The best applications to improve your spelling in Spanish and Castilian

With the help of these applications for Android you can improve your spelling quickly, easily, quickly and for free. Even with some apps, you can do it in game mode so you can have fun learning.

Spanish spelling by Ignacio Valdés

Spelling learning app for native and non-native speakers. Recommended for high school, high school and official language school students.

One of the most interesting details is that you can use it to practice your spelling Vocabulary typical of different academic subjects (Math, science, music, Spanish literature, technology, religion, etc.).

RAE and ASALE Dictionary (DLE)

This is the official application of the Royal Spanish Academy, the best tool for solving questions about our spelling. It’s a free, ad-free app that allows you to search for words like “the word starts with”, “ends with”, or “the word contains”.

This dictionary collects the 23rd edition of the dictionary of the Spanish languageHere you can find the meaning of a word, as well as its spelling and grammar characteristics.

Spelling “Test Me In”

The application focused on improving spelling, which was developed by content creators to prepare for contradictions. It is a test or exam format tool with different types of questions such as definitions, sentences with gaps to fill in, sentence errors, etc.


You probably already know your way around Pun like the classic Scrabble. Apalabrados is pretty similar, but the advantage is that you don’t have to be with other people to play. Not only will this application help you improve your spelling, but it will also greatly expand your vocabulary and make your writing tasks much easier for you.

It’s one of the most fun and challenging ways to improve your spelling, and even if you have a knack for it, you can change the language and learn a new one.

Spanish spelling

Unlike the previous one, this application is not a game, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. With Spanish spelling You can learn new words dynamically and interactivelyand new techniques to never miss spelling.

One of the great things about it is that it doesn’t require WiFi to work. Therefore, it is ideal when you are traveling and want to practice a little without putting any data on your phone. It also allows you to record your performance so that you can easily see all of your improvements.

Learn spelling with tests

This application is very didactic and at some point may even remind you of the language, literature and spelling lessons in school (but much more bearable). With Learn spelling with tests You have access to Hundreds of thousands of exercises, questions and answers, and more to improve your spelling through practice.

It’s ideal for you if you’re not into theory and are looking to improve on writing without reading hundreds of books.

Scrabble GO

This is the mobile and tablet version of the legendary Scrabble board game. Form words horizontally or vertically on the board to get a better score than your opponent. We can play one on one or switch to competitive mode to test our vocabulary. In short, the crossword puzzle game of your life: fun and education.

How to write well

This application will allow you to expand your vocabulary and improve your writing through didactic and easy-to-understand exercises. This application shows you pictures of words that are often confused so that you can learn to distinguish them in other ways. With How to write well you will learn to Enhance your writing through visual stimulation.

Right word

At first glance, it may seem like an exclusive app for kids, but don’t let appearances fool you. The design allows you to check the keys for correct spelling in an easy and fun way. You will learn the rules of punctuation and accentuation, something that is forgotten over the years but is very important if you want to write correctly.

This application offers you tests in the form of games that make the whole learning experience more bearable. One of the most popular Android spelling apps with over 5 million downloads.

Spanish spelling course

Guide to learning and improving spelling. It includes a review of the rules of spelling in Spanish, the use of the letters B, V, C, Z, S, X, R, RR, accentuation and accents, capital letters, punctuation rules, syntax, and more.

As an educational and theoretical material, it is very good, although it does not have any tests or exams to help us practice what we have learned (a detail that may be of interest for future updates of the app).

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