The 10 best ASMR apps for Android

Even if you’ve never heard of ASMR, you’ve probably seen it before. Is about a tingling sensation in the scalp and neck, and is usually accompanied by feelings of calm, happiness, and sleep.

This tingling sensation is caused by all kinds of relaxing noises, from the white rush of rain to a soft whisper in your ear or the sound of a knife cutting a slice of bread. It is both a physical and a psychological experience and very personal. What another person can relax, they cannot influence at all.

The best ASMR apps for relaxing and sleeping

For this reason, it is important to find out what sounds are causing us this particular ASMR or tickling experience. Next, we’ll review some of the best apps to find the ASMR sounds that you can use to relax and maybe even take a little nap.


Everything is on YouTube, including ASMR videos. This is quite a popular category on the platform and we just have to type “ASMR” into the search engine or ASMR + the relaxing sound we want to hear.

There are no limits to the type of noises: from the noise of food or chewing to the noises of a bag, the rubbing of a bottle or the sound that the fingers make when passing through the spikes of a comb. Of course, we can also opt for the typical relaxing sounds of wind, rain and the like.

Find ASMR sounds on YouTube

ASMR cut

As described by the authors, this app is “the most satisfying kinetic sand cutting ASMR game ever”. What we find here is basically a simulator with lots of objects to cut, slice, hack and destroy. The fun, of course, lies in the soothing ASMR sounds that the cuts create. A curious application as well as interesting.

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Spotify is one of the best apps for listening to ASMR. This type of sound has its own genre within Spotify with a wide variety of playlists: from sounds to sleep, sounds when cutting paper, the sound of a pencil drawing on paper, small touches on a table and even whispers in a low voice.

The truth is that we can find all sorts of playlists here, such as those devoted to the purring of cats or the ASMR sounds for Halloween that give a shiver.


A collection of different ASMR sounds that we can program and overlay to provide a highly personalized experience. In total, there are a hundred strangely satisfying and relaxing noises ranging from chewing, whispering, cutting scissors, brooms sweeping the floor, and even the sound of a PC mouse wheel.

the atmosphere

If you suffer from insomnia this can be an interesting app. Atmosphere offers soothing sounds of the beach, forest, city, underwater, park, landscape and more. The good thing is that we can combine multiple sounds to create the perfect environment.

The application also has a binaural and isochronous tones section, it has a timer and we can even import our own sounds to mix with those that the app already provides by default.

rlaxx television

rlaxx TV is a free streaming platform with more than 40 live TV channels. The difference to other streaming apps like Pluto TV or PLEX is that all channels are “niches” here.

This way we can find some very specific channels dedicated to relaxing sounds such as: New K-Food (ASMR and Essen), Deluxe Lounge HD (quiet and lounge music) and SoniCentric (Ambient music and relaxation).

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SuperSlime simulator

This app is a “snot simulator”, or what is equivalent, an app that simulates a gelatinous paste that we can shape and touch according to our wishes. This is quite a relaxing exercise in real life, so unless you have one of those classic home toys for kids that acts as a. are known mucus or Muddy, feel free to take a look at this app.

SuperSlime Simulator has different types of Slimes, each with their own textures, colors and accessories, accompanied by a satisfying 3D sound.

Pull out

Although Twitch is a platform where games and video games predominate, it has opened up a great deal to other topics in recent years. ASMR is one of them, and while some streamers have overly sexualized this type of content, there are plenty of serious channels about it too.

One of the advantages of Twitch is that, unlike the YouTube app, here we can play the videos in the background without the screen being on all the time. Psst, a secret between you and me: On YouTube we can watch and listen to videos even when the screen is switched off THESE TRICKS.

View the ASMR category on Twitch


iVoox is a podcast platform where we can find a lot of radio programs and podcasts of all kinds, although there is also a place for ASMR. If you are looking for relaxing sounds in iVoox, I recommend you take a look at the channel of “ASMR sleep“, as well as other channels like”Music that helps“Y”RPG Relax, Ambient, Sound Bubbles and Asmr“.

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The only downside we can give iVoox is that it has ads at the beginning and end of the audios, which can be a bit annoying when we’re trying to relax. This is the case with all apps, including Spotify or YouTube. In that case, we’d have to consider switching to a premium subscription to remove the ads.


Sleepo isn’t exactly an ASMR app, although it certainly aims to find very similar experiences and feelings of relaxation. Like the Atmosphere app, with Sleepo we have a collection of nature and ambient sounds in high resolution, ranging from rain, nature, city, meditation sounds and 3 types of white noise.

Although the number of sounds is limited to 32, we can mix them up as we like and save them as favorites for other sessions. It also has a dark mode and works offline.

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