The 10 Best Programs to Download Torrents (2021)

Hello friends! Today’s post is devoted to reviewing some of the the best torrent clients of 2021. The year is drawing to a close, and it could be a good time to take a look at the current P2P file sharing landscape.

While torrents have acquired a rather questionable reputation, the truth is that it is a very efficient technology for downloading large files at the fastest possible speed.

A good example of this is that some leading companies and organizations use the torrent protocol in a perfectly legal way in their daily life, such as Ubuntu to download their operating system or digital libraries such as the Internet Archive.

The best torrent clients for Windows, Mac and Linux

While most of the apps below are cross-platform and available for both desktop and mobile devices, you can take a closer look at the best apps for torrenting on Android at THIS FURTHER POST. When it comes to PC torrent clients, these are some of the most popular ones.


WebTorrent is a torrent client for those who don’t want to complicate their life. Just drag the torrent into the program or insert the magnet and the download will start automatically. Its interface is so easy that it’s perfect for beginners.

The application was born in 2017 as a web app that works through the browser, although a version is also available for Windows, Linux and Mac, and it has a built-in player to watch videos while they are still being downloaded and enables it You can also add subtitles or send content to the Chromecast.

Download WebTorrent from its official website


A pretty balanced program that combines good equipment with low CPU and resource consumption. It includes a built-in torrent search engine, multimedia player, encrypted communication, download priorities, IP filters and the ability to create your own torrents.

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qBittorrent is open source, is available for Windows, Linux and Mac and comes as a ĀµTorrent alternative. Another interesting fact is that it doesn’t contain any ads.

Download qBittorrent from its official website

Bit torrent

One of the most powerful and versatile torrent clients What can we find. BitTorrent has been a benchmark for years, easy to use but with many configuration options. We can schedule downloads, limit bandwidth, or limit the speed of downloads and uploads. It also has a category search engine.

In short, a very complete torrent client that is also available in several versions: a free version with ads, a Pro version without ads, another Pro version with increased security and a third paid version with VPN. Presented in Windows, Mac, Android and web versions for browsers.

Download BitTorrent from its official website


As stated by Torrent freak That is the most widely used torrent client. And by far with a market share of around 68.8%. Like BitTorrent, there is a free version with ads and other pro versions without ads.

uTorrent is known to be resource-efficient and, among other things, allows you to schedule downloads, add torrents remotely via a web browser, and manage bandwidth based on network connection. Available for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

Download uTorrent from the official website


Deluge is known to be a lightweight torrent program that can run on older or less powerful computers, although it’s a huge benefit the amount of available plugins to expand its functionalitiesShut down the PC after the download is complete, unzip zip files and move them to a specific folder, etc.

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The application is free and is distributed under the GNU GPLv3 + license. It works on Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.

Download Deluge from the official website


BiglyBT is a free, open source bit torrent client and no embedded ads of any kind. A “clean” application that will not attempt to recommend third-party applications to you during the installation process.

Among its download capabilities, it has Swarm merging to download the same file from different sources, to speed up the download and avoid dead bits, advanced search, remote control via the Android app, automatic VPN detection, support for WebTorrent and more.

Download BiglyBT from the official website


Vuze is another one of those torrent clients that has evolved over the years, is a benchmark in the community, and is still one of the most downloaded programs today. It was born in 2003 under the name Azureus and has been known for its performance and elegant user interface ever since.

The application allows you to preview multimedia files before the download is complete, it supports magnetic links, IP filtering and bandwidth limitation, among other things.

Download Vuze from the official website

If you don’t want to install programs on your PC then take a look at, a Bittorrent client that supports works completely from the cloud. The downloaded files are also stored in the cloud so that we can access them from any device.

The key here, of course, is the cloud storage capacity that we’d like to rent, starting with 1GB for free accounts to the premium plans of 30GB, 100GB, and 250GB of storage for our files.

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Go to the website


BitLord is another of those tools that comes with everything we need from an internal file browser, a player to watch videos before the download completes, and even the ability to play on Chromecast while the download is still active.

It also includes some interesting extras like the ability to add subtitles from the OpenSubtitles repository. Available for Windows, Mac and Android.

Download BitLord from its official website


An old school program for downloading torrents. It has a feature called “Intelligent Disk Caching” that is designed to make it easier to read and write data on the hard drive, and in general, it is an application that manages our PC’s resources in such a way that its performance is so slow as possible is as possible.

The user interface is a bit rudimentary and maybe not the most modern on the market, but it’s available for both Windows and Mac, and while it doesn’t get updates very often, the truth is that it’s still at the bottom of the canyon and from time to time we will surprise you with something new, such as a current version of Bitcomet for Android.

Download BitComet from its official website

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