The 7 best apps and websites for deepfakes


The appearance of mobile apps and websites with the ability to edit images and videos has also become popular Deepfakes. The original editing of an image or video involved the use of: specialized personnel, equipment and software, things that were only available to a very small group of people. But that has changed in recent years. Now you can find websites and apps to make this easier for you.

Possible uses of deepfake

Deepfake can have many uses. From didactic or learning use, to entertainment, to having our friends do or say funny things in a video. However, it can have illegal and dangerous uses. False information is created about someone in order to damage their personal image. The latter can lead to the perpetrator paying a substantial fine or even going to jail for long periods of time. Therefore, caution should be exercised to avoid problems.

Recommended sites and apps for deepfakes

There are currently many Websites and apps that are used to create deepfakes, But not all can create them with the quality we want or with the ease we need. It all depends on what we want. So we decided to choose several pages or apps that can best be customized to your needs:

1- DeepFaceLab

All free deepfakes appsis one of the most advanced. Because it was created by researchers and students and has a complicated interface, it can be difficult to learn to use. It’s pretty powerful, it allows us to make any substitution above the neck. And we can even age the person. It has the disadvantage of consuming a lot of system resources, so you need a powerful computer to run it. If we want to know what we can do with a deepfake, DeepFaceLab is the place.

Visit the official DeepFaceLab page on GitHub

2- Zao

It’s the perfect app to create deepfakes quickly and easily. It’s free and There are versions for Android and iOS. You can only use pictures or video clips from the app library. You pick one and let Zao do the work. It is perfect to get a few moments of entertainment at the expense of our friends without putting too much effort.

How to install Zao on Android

3- Faceswap

It is the only open source deepfake app in our selection. It is recommended for learning and training. There is a large and friendly support community ready to answer our questions and concerns. Furthermore There are plenty of tutorials and guides for all levels. Ideal for beginners, even experts. It works on PC (Windows or Linux) and Mac. Faceswap can consume a lot of resources, so you will need a powerful computer.

Visit the Faceswap website

4- Faceapp

It’s a free app that allows us to edit both pictures and videos. It’s very easy to use. Allow us Change parameters such as age, gender And every other facial feature, Faceapp, was developed in Russia and advertised as one of the most advanced by its developers. It is considered to be one of the most popular and is highly recognized in various internet communities.

5- machine tube

This is a website dedicated to deepfake. All you have to do is upload the image you want to edit and Select one of the models from the database from Machine Tube. The site does the rest. The calculations are done on your own computer. This means you need a very good graphics card if you want to get the job done quickly. In addition, the end result is not stored in the cloud, but on your hard drive.

Visit the Machine Tube website

6- Faceswap Web

Another website that might interest you. Unlike the previous one, All processes are carried out in the cloud. This means that Faceswap Web can work seamlessly on any computer. You can give a different face to the original character of a video.

Visit Faceswap Web

7- Reface

It’s a deepfakes app Designed to modify GIF files. It’s very popular and easy to use. All you have to do is look for a GIF and make it Reface Combine it with a picture of the face you have chosen. The app will do the rest, creating a personalized GIF of the face of your choice that shows the original expressions of the gif. The result is not professional, but very fun. You can also send the personalized GIF to multiple people at the same time.

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