Top 10 AAA Games for Android Phones

People often associate mobile games with casual or puzzle games where the graphics are almost a secondary factor. Ultimately, we’re talking about games that are designed to run on the small screen of a phone, and the level of detail and realism aren’t as demanding as a desktop game console attached to a TV.

However, as mobile games grow in popularity and recognition, video game developers have also raised the bar by investing in titles with ever larger budgets and a technical area that nothing – or almost nothing – has to envy to Sisters “after dinner.”

The best AAA games for Android with “console graphics”

Some will say that AAA mobile games are like the Yeti – everyone says it exists, but no one has actually seen it. Year? If you’re still in doubt, here are a few big budget Android games with HD graphics that would pale a lot of exclusive video console games with shame.


AnimA is a hack’n slash action RPG which is undoubtedly inspired by the Blizzard Diablo saga. It has a simple glossy technical finish with an isometric camera and a dark fantasy atmosphere that is really achieved for a “simple” mobile game.

The game is free and involves microtransactions, although luckily it seems that we can play and advance in the game without resorting to payments of any kind. The game came out in 2019 and while not very well known, it is certainly one of those hidden gems worth claiming.

Genshin impact

Genshin Impact is the latest example of a game AAA that could easily pass as a game for consoles. In fact, we’re talking about a multiplatform title that, in addition to Android, is also available on PS4, PS5, Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

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With graphics that remind you of what you saw in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, an open world with a great map to explore and devilish gameplay, the miHoYo RPG has received a well-deserved nomination for this year’s GOTY Awards in 2021 and competes against desktop titles like Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone and Final Fantasy XIV on.

Super Mario run

Well, Nintendo didn’t give the Turra when it launched its first Mario game for mobile devices. They actually did it a presentation video with Shigeru Miyamototo promote it like it’s the last Zelda or Mario for the Switch.

Super Mario Run is a mobile game of the genre “Infinite Race” which is controlled with one hand. Perfect for the cell phone. Otherwise, both the design and the graphics could easily pass as a new Mario game for a video console. The first levels are free, but for the rest we have to get the premium version of the game.

The world’s most famous Italian plumber also has other official games developed by Nintendo for mobile devices such as Mario Kart Tour and Dr. Mario, both with an excellent technical finish.

Arena of valor

If the most played MOBAs in the PC gaming world are Dota 2 and League of Legends, we have games like this Arena of Valor in the mobile market, a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) for 5v5 players developed by the Tencent company.

A real-time fighting game where strategy plays a leading role, with more than 100 unique heroes to choose from, each with unique skills that we must gradually improve.

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Dead trigger 2

Dead trigger is a first-person zombie shooterthat draws on modern classics like House of the Dead, Dead Rising and the like. It’s like all the zombie games came together on the PS3 and created their own mobile game.

The graphics are one of Dead Trigger 2’s strong points, but what really delights is the gameplay, which is very accessible and a story that evolves thanks to the constant updates that the game receives (the last one on November 18th).

Tesla versus Lovecraft

The plot of this game is just crazy: one day before Nikola Tesla completes his greatest invention, the monsters appear that serve the writer HP Lovecraft and lay his laboratory in ruins. This is when the confrontation between inventor and novelist begins.

Be careful, as surreal as it all may seem, we are faced with a very sophisticated game that is controlled with two sticks to move and shoot in a campaign mode that gradually increases its difficulty until it reaches a group of Abominations and guns will. Technology and a lot of destruction. Both the visual and sound areas are the best we can find on Android right now.

Call of Duty: Mobile

When we talk about AAA games with console graphics, this is probably one of the first titles that comes to mind. Activision’s game is one of the most downloaded games on the Play Store with more than 100 million installs.

CoD: Mobile is in the classic genre of Online PvP first person shooter, although it also includes a 100-player Battle Royale mode. The game itself is free, but has built-in internal purchases (most are cosmetic items).

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Heaven: children of light

From the same creators of the award-winning and acclaimed trip, it reaches us Heaven: children of light, a game with a visual and aesthetic part that sometimes seems like we’re thinking about a work of art.

In this little modern fairy tale we have to find lost stars and accompany them on their way home. The game focuses on exploration and interaction with no fighting going on, which makes it an extremely relaxing experience.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

The 5v5 MOBA genre is one of the most widely used on Android, and Riot Games has finally decided to bring the mobile version of the hugely popular League of Legends.

The title officially came out in 2020 and is basically the same game we know for the PC, but with a smaller battlefield and improved controls to make it easier to move around and cast spells. A very high level of playability and graphics that are in almost no way detrimental to the desktop counterpart.

GRID Autosport

For many, the best racing game for Android. This GRID Autosport justifies its price of almost 8 euros with a title that mixes simulation and arcade with really varied tracks and well-designed tracks.

GRID has a lot of content to keep us entertained, with dozens of cars to unlock (up to 100), compatibility with gamepads, and some of the most detailed graphics we’ve seen for mobile devices.

And what do you say? What are your favorite AAA games for Android? Read on in the comments section!

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