Well, I just quit Netflix after 5 years

I subscribed to Netflix shortly after its release in Spain and have been paying every month to access the platform for almost 6 years without missing a single month. You could say I’ve been a loyal user, to say the least.

But things have changed since then and each time I was “bitten” more of those 18 euros that disappeared from my account earlier in the month and in the end the inevitable happened. I have signed out.

Up until a week ago, I subscribed to more streaming services than I cared to admit myself: Netflix, YouTube Premium, Crunchyroll, Disney+, and of course Prime Video (that hardly counts because it’s offset by free Amazon Prime shipping). , but there he sucks like the others from the boat).

When it came time to pull out the scissors, the first thing I did was unsubscribe from Crunchyroll, after all Chainsaw Man season 1 was already over and frustration at the poor performance of the smart TV app did it all in one clear candidate to get off my monthly expenses list.

Goodbye Netflix. It was nice while it lasted

The next fall was Netflix. With just what he paid each month, he was able to almost cover the total amount spent on the rest of the platforms. It wasn’t a decision guided solely by a monetary question, although the increase from the €11.99 I paid to start with to the €17.99 the service is currently costing me is a record that cannot be ignored just like that (let’s assume that it takes a 50% increase on its original price).

This is the welcome email Netflix sent me. I didn’t pay anything for the first month because there was still a free trial month.

Up until now I was happy to pay for it because I could share the account with my parents and sister, but soon it doesn’t seem possible without paying an additional fee (which in my case would be around 6 euros, totaling around 100 euros). 24 euros per month).

Will the streaming bubble burst? The only thing that is clear to me at this point is that the content is continuing to dissolve, and the time when you could now see almost everything from a single platform is nothing more than the memory of times further and further away.

Netflix has tried to counteract this content proliferation by creating many (many) original series and movies, but for some of us that’s not enough. Some series are canceled a few days after they premiere, and many of those that stick are nothing to get excited about.

Dude, where’s my content?

Let’s not fool ourselves. Netflix has a lot of quality content, a lot. But it’s content buried by current trends, which in many cases barely touch the tried and true.

The streaming giant’s wardrobe continues to be stunning, since we have pearls like Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski, In the Name of the Father or The Price of Power (which, by the way, you can’t watch if you only have a new plan with Netflix -Advertising subscribed).

Netflix still has content that is very worthwhile.

But for every Barton Fink – or Love Death & Robots, for a more recent example – comes 10 original films and series, which are nothing more than an empty shell with a very high level of production, yes.

I have to admit that lately I’ve been enjoying series like Alpha Males and Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, and the truth is that the last season of Stranger Things wasn’t bad either. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to compensate for the price increase of recent years, the end of shared accounts and a catalog full of thorns.

I’m not ruling out returning to Netflix one day when things improve, but the current trend and stiff competition from other platforms don’t seem to suggest that will happen any time soon.

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