You can now record your voice as an alarm on the Google Clock app

The Google Clock app is a very simple app. You have the typical alarm clock, timer, stopwatch and little else. But then it has interesting details like the ability to set alarms with music from Spotify or YouTube Music.

It’s still small touches, but they add a lot of quality to a tool that by default should be convenient and easy to use (no one wants to get lost in endless menus in a clock app, honestly). Now Google has added a new extra which consists of the ability to record audio for alarms.

Although it may seem silly, the truth is that it can be very useful. Not only does it help you wake up from a nap with a silky and pleasant voice like your own, but you can also leave a message, for example, to remind you of the reason for the alarm (like turning on the washing machine, taking the chicken out of the oven, or checking an online auction, whatever).

How to record an audio for google clock alarm

To make a recording and use it as a sound for one of your alarms, follow these steps:

  • Open the app google watch.
  • Go to “Alarm” in the bottom menu.
  • Prepare the alarm and open the dropdown menu to select the sound option (bell icon).
  • In the Recorded Sounds section, click Record New Sound.
  • The Recorder application will open automatically. Record the audio and click “Save” when done. If you don’t like the result, you can delete the recording and create a new one.
  • Then return to the alarm setup menu. Check if everything is correct.

For now this audio recording function It’s only available on Google Pixel phones although we hope that it will be extended to the rest of the devices in the near future (we tried it in other terminals but unfortunately it still doesn’t work).

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